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Spain : Liga
2017-03-31 18:45 Espanyol
2.1 3.4 3.9
Betis live Espanyol Betis match result Bet
2017-04-01 11:00 Villarreal
1.85 3.7 4.5
Eibar live Villarreal Eibar match result Bet
2017-04-01 14:15 Osasuna
6.5 4.33 1.57
Athletic Bilbao live Osasuna Athletic Bilbao match result Bet
2017-04-01 16:30 Real Sociedad
1.8 3.6 5.25
Leganes live Real Sociedad Leganes match result Bet
2017-04-01 18:45 Malaga
5.5 3.8 1.73
Atletico Madrid live Malaga Atletico Madrid match result Bet
2017-04-02 10:00 Sevilla
1.33 6 9.25
Sporting Gijon live Sevilla Sporting Gijon match result Bet
2017-04-02 14:15 Real Madrid
1.13 11 21
Alaves live Real Madrid Alaves match result Bet
2017-04-02 16:30 Valencia
1.85 3.75 4.75
La Coruna live Valencia La Coruna match result Bet
2017-04-02 18:45 Granada
15 7.5 1.2
Barcelona live Granada Barcelona match result Bet
2017-04-03 18:45 Celta Vigo
1.95 3.7 3.8
Las Palmas live Celta Vigo Las Palmas match result Bet
2017-04-04 17:30 Athletic Bilbao
1.73 3.8 5.25
Espanyol live Athletic Bilbao Espanyol match result Bet
2017-04-04 19:30 Betis
3 3.3 2.4
Villarreal live Betis Villarreal match result Bet
2017-04-04 19:30 Atletico Madrid
1.44 4.75 8.5
Real Sociedad live Atletico Madrid Real Sociedad match result Bet
2017-04-05 17:30 Barcelona
1.29 6.5 10
Sevilla live Barcelona Sevilla match result Bet
2017-04-05 18:30 Alaves
1.44 4.75 8
Osasuna live Alaves Osasuna match result Bet
2017-04-05 18:30 Sporting Gijon
2.5 3.3 2.8
Malaga live Sporting Gijon Malaga match result Bet

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You can follow the scores of the next live Liga matches in real time on 31 march 2017 from 18:45.

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Espanyol Betis Live match at 18:45 on the 31 march 2017
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Osasuna Athletic Bilbao Live match at 14:15 on the 01 april 2017
Real Sociedad Leganes Live match at 16:30 on the 01 april 2017
Malaga Atletico Madrid Live match at 18:45 on the 01 april 2017
Sevilla Sporting Gijon Live match at 10:00 on the 02 april 2017
Real Madrid Alaves Live match at 14:15 on the 02 april 2017
Valencia La Coruna Live match at 16:30 on the 02 april 2017
Granada Barcelona Live match at 18:45 on the 02 april 2017
Celta Vigo Las Palmas Live match at 18:45 on the 03 april 2017

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